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2 Girls 1 Cup

You’ve all been taken in by an elaborate scam. The clue is in the dump, which just isn’t authentic. It’s probably a mixture of coffe cream cake filling and crunchy peanut butter. She’s cleaned out her bowels first before introducing it, and because it is in such quantity, and is an alien product, her rectum is desperate to be rid of it. That is why she has no control over its ejection and it comes out so rapidly. The only kind of real dump that would expel so rapidly would be diarrhoea which would be a lot more fluid.
Re the puking – provided they regurgitate it immediately after swallowing it wouldn’t contain any gastric juices, and would just about be palatable to the other girl, but all three times most of it misses the other girl’s mouth and goes down her front anyway. Remember they could have many attempts at this before editing.
Other scams are the guy jizzing half a gallon onto a girls face (done with a tube held under his dick, to produce yoghurt or similar) and the guy still alive after being cut in half by a train. He is so obviously positioned between the sleepers where the ballast has been removed to accomodate his legs. If it had been true the push bars in front of the wheels would have rolled him and made it very messy.

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